Tip to index pages in minutes on Google in 2022

After publishing a post on your blog, or create a new page on your site you can wait for this page to be indexed. At some point Google will index this URL, but we have less control when it will happen. Instead we can ask Google to index our site.

I will show a hint to index a page on Google in minutes, that way our page will already start appearing in searches.


Indexing a new page in Google

On the Webmaster Tools Dashboard page, go to Crawl -> Fetch the google and click Fetch. Enter the url you want to index. After that, just click on the Submit button to index, which fetches appear in your list:


Soon after clicking on the Submit button to index the Google asks if you want to just index the page provided to submission or all the links on that page.

If you have a site up and only index the typed page, choose the first option. If the site is new, choose the second option for the Google index all the pages.

Whenever you add new pages, or make any change you want to be indexed quickly, come to this function.

But note that there is a monthly limit to apply for indexing in Webmaster Tools. To index the entire site, the limit is 10 times a month. To request re-indexing of a specific page, the limit is 500 monthly.

If you have exhausted this amount of requests, you will have to wait for the crawler revisit your site. Usually the average is 1 or 2 days, or more time consuming to do manually submit the page.

How to know if my page was indexed in Google Simple, after a few minutes go to Google and type the following command and see if your page appears in the search result: