SEO for WordPress and useful tools in 2022

Research keywords, traffic details, link analysis, optimized content and page settings. Check out a major collection of useful tools to make your site better positioned in search engines.

Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics

They are basic SEO tools . The first tools that you must configure on any website.

Webmaster Tools has fully focused resources to SEO. With this tool you are able to index pages in minutes on Google , find out which keywords are showing and being clicked in searches. There are also warnings of improvements that can be made to your site, for example, duplicate titles and descriptions. Both Google and Bing have Webmaster Tools.

Google Analytics is a comprehensive tool that provides various information about your site access. With it you are able to know which pages were visited, technology used by its users and many other interesting information about who accesses your site.


How to know which keywords to use in my SEO project? The study to select our words is known as keyword research (study of keywords). This step in SEO project aims to find out which words are associated with our site.

With SEMRush tool and you do the analysis of keywords of your competitors, bringing various relevant information.

Open Site Explorer

Link building tool riding a very complete report on the links pointing to a particular website. By doing link building it is crucial you know who is linking your competitors and how they are linking. That way you can put together your strategy, such as using the same sites than its competitors.


The SEOQuake is a plugin that can be used in Chrome and Firefox. The plugin brings several important data to your pages, such as links, pagerank, domain information and social media.

To make people find our website in searches, we need to find out how they sought our product or service, then use this site to make the study of our keywords.

Extremely helpful in giving us ideas of words and phrases we use for our website and decide which words we associate our website or not ..

Robots.txt Generator

The robots.txt file is important to inform search robots on what should not be indexed on our site. But depending on the site, if you have many pages could be that the robots file becomes too large, it hinders the maintenance of our archive. You can use this SEO tool that is free and will facilitate the process of generating your robots.txt file.

Best SEO plugin for WordPress: Yoast plugin

Yoast WordPress SEO as it is also known, is arguably the best plugin for wordpress. Anyone working with this content management knows by default the installation SEO is not the best. With this plugin you will give more highlights to your pages.

Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin will help you in several key points of SEO. With it you write titles and descriptions ta for all its categories, posts pages. You can control your sitemap, robots, breadcrumbs ( Enabling Breadcrumbs in WordPress ) and much, much more even ..


After installing Yoast, you will have new options to your WordPress that will help you maximize the optimization of your pages. Check out a video of Yoast WordPress SEO for details about the plugin.

Better WordPress Minify

Plugin used to compress your CSS and JS files. It organizes all your scripts in a single file and all your styling files into a single file. Thus we reduce the amount of requests on the server.

WP Super Cache

Plugin used in order to improve site performance and load time. He keeps cached data on your pages, it reduces your site’s load time.