Google Mobile Experience Certification 2021. Completion ID: 76765057
Google Analytics Individual Qualification Certification 2021. Completion ID: 76761843
Google Ads Display Certification 2021. Completion ID: 76767278
Google Display & Video 360 Certification 2021. Completion ID: 76802114
Google Creative Certification 2022. Completion ID: 76800870
EF SET English Certificate. Completion ID: Zgu6NH
Microsoft Certified HTML5 CSS3 and JavaScript Specialist — 2013. Completion ID: E163-1932

Clients & Reviews


Michael Lytzhoft

IT Administrator

Shahid was always ready to help with what was needed. Communication was always good.

Mikael Bolmgreen

Marketing Manager

Reliable, very precise and quick. The communication in English is very exact. Good luck! 👍

Isaac Yanez

Product designer

Finally someone you can trust, shahid and his team were willing to go beyond the requirements just to make a customer happy. Really friendly guys and professionals. This is the real deal

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